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From May 9th 2022, classes will be carried out as follows


From May 9th 2022, classes will be carried out as follows:


(一) 本校課程授課教師得考量課程需求及學生因疫無法入校情形,除第(二)點所列課程應提供線上教學外,其餘課程得採實體授課或線上教學。


Teaching method:

  1. Instructors must take into consideration class requirements and students who are unable to enter the campus due to epidemic prevention measures. Except for the courses mentioned in Point (2), which need to be taught online, the rest of the courses can be taught either in person or online.
  2. Instructors themselves or whose classes are attended by students who have tested positive for Covid-19 or need to self-quarantine, have to provide online classes and appropriately adjust evaluation methods to ensure the continuation of classes and effective teaching for their students.    
  • 實體授課應採防疫規範:






Epidemic Prevention Measures for In Person Classes:

All instructors teaching in person classes (including laboratory & hands-on classes) must comply with the following principles, otherwise online learning should be adopted:

  1. In person classes are to be carried out with assigned seats for the students. If not implemented, instructors are advised to take a photograph of the seating arrangements of every class for subsequent epidemic investigation when necessary.
  2. Instructors are strongly advised to wear masks at all times while teaching. If there are special needs, face shields can be used instead. Students must wear masks throughout the class period, hands should be sanitized before entering the class, and eating and drinking is prohibited in class.
  3. Classrooms should be well ventilated and cleaned regularly, and the equipment used in class must be properly sanitized.
  4. Physical education courses must be carried out in accordance with the epidemic prevention measures announced by the Physical Education Department.

三、 如有確診師生發病前2天參與之實體課程,課程因應說明:

(一)接觸者經通知後,採線上上課7天或經快篩陰性且上傳KUAP APP者,即可恢復實體課程。

(二)接觸者經疫調後,被衛生單位判定為「密切接觸者」,則需配合國家防疫政策,自最近一次接觸日起進行3天「居家隔離」加4天自主防疫,並配合衛生單位要求採檢。上述期間進行線上上課,不入校園。期滿後經快篩陰性且上傳KUAP APP者,可恢復原課程進行方式。(註:確診者出現時,校方有進行疫調之義務,而「密切接觸者」的最終判定以衛生單位為依歸。)

If in person classes are attended by instructors or students who then test positive for the disease within 2 days after that class period:

  1. All contacts must be notified and in person classes can be resumed after a period of seven days of online learning or if the contacts test negative on a rapid test screening.
  2. After being identified as a "close contact" by the health unit after an epidemic investigation, the close contact must follow the national epidemic prevention policy, which includes three days of home quarantine and four days of self-health monitoring. The close contact must attend classes online and is prohibited from entering the campus. After this seven-day period, the close contact will then be allowed to continue in person classes after testing negative on a rapid test screening and uploading the test result to the KUAP APP. (Note: When students test positive for Covid-19, the school is obligated to conduct an epidemic investigation, and the final determination of being a "close contact" will be made by the health unit.)



Announcement of class teaching methods should be made on Moodle in advance, to provide students with complete class information.

  • 修課學生如因無法入境或因疫情特殊因素無法到校上課,授課教師應提供課程同步或非同步線上教學,俾利學生學習不中斷。

To ensure uninterrupted learning for students, instructors should provide synchronous or asynchronous online learning for students who are unable to attend school, due either to their inability to enter Taiwan or attend class due to epidemic prevention measures.


The epidemic prevention measures for classes will be revised based on amendments received from the Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC) and the Ministry of Education.

七、本校實體課程及線上學習Q&A: https://reurl.cc/ZQDgb6

Q&A for in person classes and online learning: https://reurl.cc/ZQDgb6

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