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Announcement of 2022.5.16

The Central Epidemic Command Center estimates that the domestic COVID-19 cases will peak in late May. At the same time, on May 15th, there were 29 confirmed cases of COVID-19 among NCKU teachers and students. As of noon May 16th, there were more than 10 teachers and students getting positive rapid test or positive PCR results. Most of them were infected during club or athletic activities, along with some sporadic and unexplained transmissions.

Based on the above reasons, the NCKU COVID-19 Prevention Team has decided on the following:

  1. From May 17th until the end of this semester, NCKU will implement the teaching mode of online (remote-based) teaching. (see Note 1 for exceptions).
  2. All instructors are requested to announce their methods for online teaching on the NCKU Moodle, and announce their final online assessment methods by the end of this week.
  3. Considering the differences among each laboratory’s density of personnel, with the consent of the supervisor and accounting for the safety of the environment, postgraduate students are requested to abide by the epidemic prevention regulations before entering the laboratory to engage in necessary research work.
  4. All students are requested to avoid unnecessary gatherings (including clubs and related activities) during this online teaching period, and implement all self-epidemic prevention measures.



  1. The in-person classes that cannot be taught online should be reported to the Curriculum Division of the Office of Academic Affairs.
  2. In-person classes are to be conducted with assigned seats for the students. If it is not possible to assign seats, instructors are requested to take a photograph of the seating arrangements for each class, if needed for follow-up epidemic investigations. Instructors should wear masks at all times while teaching. Students must wear masks throughout the class period, disinfect their hands before entering the classroom, and not eat and drink in the classroom. Classrooms should be well ventilated and cleaned regularly, and the equipment used in class must be properly disinfected.
  3. For in-person classes, such as labs/experiments, hands-on classes, physical education, and service learning, instructors need to plan and guide their students to learn independently. For the final exam, instructors may request an in-person exam, conduct an online multi-assessment process, or cancel the final exam based on the epidemic situation at that time, fairness, and communications with their students.
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