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Service Items

Service Items

At the curriculum division: 

  • We schedule: 

  • The annual academic calendar of the university. 

  • The courses of all departments and institutes. 


  • We handle affairs related to:  

  • Mid-term and final-term examinations.  

  • Graduation exams of Master and Ph.D. degree students. 

  • The records of students' attendance. 

  • Summer courses for students whom had dropped down or transferred a course. 

  • E-Learning. 

  • Foreign students’ school-work. 

  • School entrance examinations. 


  • We manage:  

  • The curriculum of each department, including their required general regular and specialized courses, elective courses, the minimum credits required for graduation, and credit changes.  

  • The classrooms and labs of the school including those with multimedia or AV equipment, we also provide them maintenance and arrange them for teaching and learning purposes. 

  • The hardware and software used by personnel, students and professors and distribute them for use in learning and for other purposes. 

  • The course-interchange affairs with other schools. 


  • We also: 

  • Check the working record and accordingly asses the performance of the part-time working students at school. 

  • Design the distance learning program courses with several colleges and universities.  

  • Count and check the professors' overtime-payment and article-research-payment.  

  • Perform professors’ rise qualification assessment and approval 

  • Control the broadcast systems.  

  • Others