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Application Forms


教師補課說明單(Make up Class Form)

教師請假期間聘用代課教師申請單(Hiring Substitute Teachers During Full Time Teacher’s Leave Form)

學生曠課通知單(Notification for absence from Class)
專任教師減少授課時數申請表(Full Time Teacher Teaching Reduced Hours Form)

(Office of Academic Affairs Use of Seminar Center, Classroom Application)

遠距教學課程計畫申請書(Open Distance Learning Course Application Form)

課程校外教學簽辦表(Application for Field Teaching)




(Office of Academic Affairs Use of Seminar Center, Classroom Application)

校際選課(Application for taking course in other university)

本校生校際選課申請表(Application For Taking Course in other university) 

校生校際選課申請表(Students from other universities applying for courses at NCKU-from System)

交換生(Domestic Exchange Student)

國內交換生申請表(Student Domestic Exchange Application Form)

國內交換生監護人同意書(Domestic Exchange Student Legal Guardian Agreement)

服務學習(Service Learning)

服務學習課程免修申請表(Exempt Service Learning Course Application Form)

從事志工、志願服務免修服務學習課程申請表(Service Learning Credit Exemption Application Form)


(Exempt Service Learning Course by Taking General Course or Professional Course with Service Learning Content Application Form )


(Taking service learning course 3 instead of service learning course 2 Prior Application Form)

暑修(summar course)

本校應屆畢業生跨校暑修申請表(Taking summar course in other university)

本校應屆畢業生申請暑修開課(Request for opening summer course)

暑修紙本報名表(Summer Course Registration Form)

暑修棄選退費申請表Summer Course Dropped and Refund Application Form)

暑修退選申請表(Summer Course Withdrawal Application Form)

學位考試(summar course)

研究生逾期辦理學位口試撤考申請表(Application for Overdue Degree Examination Withdrawal)

研究生逾期變更論文題目申請表(Application for Overdue Change Topic of Thesis/Dissertation)


系辦使用表格(Department Office)

修課程修訂表(Required course revised form)

成立新系所(Form of submission to Curriculum Committee for setting up a new department (institute) or adjustment of courses)

選修課程修訂表格(Elective course revised form)

必修時段排課表格(Required course schedule)

通識類課程修訂表格(General Education course revised form)

委請他系開授課程表(Authorized other departments to offer courses)

科目時間表(空白表)( Courses Schedule)

科目時間表調動通知單(Course Schedule Change Notification)

大碩合開申請表(Application of Bachelor and Master’s Combination Courses)

選課人數不足之科目續開申請表(Application of Course Opening For insufficient student enrolled course)

課程大綱及進度表(範例)(syllabus format)

期末考試違反試場規則記錄(Form of Regulation Violation for Final Exam)

課程校外教學簽辦表(Application for Field Teaching)

   課程採彈性密集授課簽辦表(Elasticity (Intensive Time) Course Applicatiom Form)